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At house painting Services in Bangalore our painters are trained during a manner to cater your all paintings requirements viz. Our painters are trained in handling both sorts of work whether it is first time painting or renovation. We at House Painting Services in Bangalore completely understand your needs once you think for painting your space that is why we are trained to travel extra miles to satisfy customer’s expectation. Our team understand the importance of cleanliness that is why post-painting job our team make sure that every inch is paint-free and clean.

We provide the simplest of services by charging affordable prices. The aim of our company is to offer real colours to several dreams. Our focus is to seem after the minute details of the wants. That specialize in little things makes us the simplest by separating us from the remainder. House painting Services in Bangalore possesses specialized feedback over the years that is an upscale asset for us. We stick with our clients throughout the method of painting and related services. Our work finishes with the large smile of our clients.
We at House Painting Charges / Cost in Bangalore provide you an entire solution to all or any you are pricing queries. We offer you an idea on the worth we quote for our services in Bangalore. This not only helps you compare and understand the pricing before making your decision but also gives you a thought of what proportion money you would possibly find yourself spending on the said project!
Hire the simplest professionals in town to redecorate your interiors. Choose between our list of top rated House Painting Charges / Cost in Bangalore.

Steps involved while calculating overall House Painting Charges / Cost in Bangalore:
Here are a couple of things to think about while computing the entire paint cost.
A. Interior or Exterior Space Area Selection (1 BHK, 2BHK, 3 BHK+)
B. Cost to colour an indoor house

House Painting Charges / Cost in Bangalore a House per sq. ft.:
Interior Painting Cost from ₹12 to ₹35 per square foot
Exterior Painting Cost from ₹13 per square foot + labour charges
Fresh Painting Cost from ₹20 to ₹38 per square foot
Repainting Cost from ₹12 to ₹28 per square foot
Price for Distemper from ₹8 per square foot
Pricing of Emulsion from ₹12 per square foot
Cost of Texture Paint from ₹80 per square foot
Cost of single colour painting from ₹20 per square foot

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