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VidEditor Is A Cloud App – Works On All Web Browsers!
Edit, Record, Animate & Create \\\”Long Length Videos\\\” With The Revolutionary VidEditor App!

VidEditor Unlimited Features :
Multi-Track Camtasia Style Timeline Editor :
Neat and intuitive Camtasia style timeline Video Editor interface to cut, edit, merge and organize video clips.

Webcam Video Recorder :
An HD webcam recorder to instantly record your face and create amazing talking head videos in seconds.

In-App Voice Recorder :
Record your voice in-app and add it to any video effortlessly without the need for any third-party apps.

Powerful Screen Recorder :
Powerful Loom-like screen capture app to record anything on your computer and create amazing tutorials, videos courses, presentations, and more.

Turn any text into a life-like male and female voice with Text-to-speech built-in!

Green Screen Removal
Easily change the background of any video and add visual effects to turn any boring video into a visual masterpiece.

Motion Text Effects & Animations
Spice up your videos with intros and outros, lower thirds, text animations, and effects!

Advanced Fonts & Text Editing
Edit the color, size, font, and even animation of your text and titles.

Upload Your Media
Import your images, videos, and music into the app to personalize your videos.

Unlimited Storage
Store all your uploaded assets in the app without any additional fees.

Resize, Move & Zoom Effects
Add zoom & pan effect to any element in your video to emphasize elements. Change the size of any image or text for ultimate design flexibility.

Unlimited Videos Forever
No limits or monthly fees. Create, edit and customize videos with ease.

Conclusion :
VidEditor app is hosted on Amazon cloud servers, so you never have to worry about your computer slowing down.

It’s super easy to use and step-by-step video training is included!

This is a perfect compliment for the Video Creator app. Simply edit any video you create inside VideoCreator and spice it up inside the VidEditor app!

You can even upload multiple videos at once and merge them together to create a longer video.

Record, create and edit your videos from ONE powerful cloud platform. With VidEditor you will always be on the cutting edge, take your business to the next level and be ready to fulfill any client\’s demands.

Video services are priced based on the length of the video created, you can now instantly multiply your profits and earn more by creating long-form videos using our revolutionary VidEditor app.
VidEditor Is A Cloud App – Works On All Web Browsers!

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