Chocolate Container Is Offered By Cornerstone Stainless Containers

Submitted by Butt | September 29, 2021 | Business

The Chocolate Container is offered by Cornerstone Stainless Containers and are specialized for different industries. It is available for direct ship from Europe and is customizable to fit your companies specific needs. These are used to transport and storage of heated liquid chocolate.

– They are pressurizable
– They are approved according to the European pressure equipment directive 2014/68/ EU and with CE mark
– Fully insulated jacket and cone
– Tightly welded jacket insulation
– 2 integrated temperature sensors
– Temperature control and regulation between 30° Celsius – 50 degree Celsius
– Heating power: 514-1000 watt
– Max Temperature drop of 0.4° C per hour

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Submitted by: Butt

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